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The Golden Land (2003)
"A terrific show...fresh and vital, so impressive, in fact, that from now on we'll be looking to Yiddish Theatre for every season's most spectacular stage production."
(Gazette, June 26, 2003)
"This is one performance I will never forget."
(The Senior Times, July\August 2003)

Double Identity (2002)
"The most authentic piece of theatre of the year."
(Gazette, May 2002)
"A must see. It is, as Mary Poppins would say, 'practically perfect'."
(The Mirror, May 2002)

The Threepenny Opera
“Bertolt Brecht's modern classic can be enjoyed on any number of levels: as galvanizing cabaret theatre, biting social commentary or as bleak satire.”
The Gazette (June 2001)

“Leave it to the venturesome Bryna Wasserman, who is carrying on the work of Canada's only Yiddish Theatre – originally established by her mother, Dora – to come up with the novel idea of a first Yiddish version of Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill's controversial The Threepenny Opera”.
The Suburban (June 2001)

“It is incisive, driving, sharp-edged, beautifully directed and handsomely performed.” Shelburne News (June 2001)

The Great Houdini
“Tout un tour de force!” La Presse (mars 2000)

“Plus de quarante interprètes nous font la fête sur les planches du Centre des arts Saidye Bronfman.” La Presse (mars 2000)

“Le théâtre yiddish brise les chaînes. Houdini réapparaît...grâce au théâtre yiddish” Le Devoir (mars 2000)