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About the Theatre


Looking at the past, we interpret the present and provide a perspective for the future.

We invite artists and audiences to participate in live theatre, the meeting place of all the arts. Theatre holds up a mirror to our lives and stimulates us to see the world in new ways. We want our plays to delight and enlighten, to inspire and open our hearts to humanity. We tell stories to reveal truths that deserve to be heard over and over again.

We welcome experienced artists and nurture emerging professionals to explore and express their creativity, talent and imagination. We challenge them by reinventing the classics. Our pride in our craft sets the bar higher with each successive production.

We welcome our diverse audiences as we would friends into our home. In this electronic age, one of increasing social isolation, each performance brings together artists and audiences for what we feel is a unique encounter. Each live performance is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

We strive to produce for each person, on both sides of the stage, such moments and memories as those that initially sparked and that continue to sustain our passion for theatre.

Staff of the Leanor and Alvin Segal Theatre